The third writing

14 May

Good evening dear all

Today i was baking up with my mom in the kitchen, shopping some groceries and fruits with her and sight seeing a bit while i’m looking for my sister present, Uwi. So, it’s already midnight and turns into 15th May which is her b’day. Me, my sister-Sirli , mom and dad knocked at Uwi’s door and give her a surprise. A b’day cake and the present. We ended chit-chat in her room and ate the cake together. So tomorrow we plan to spent the holiday in a beach, unfortunately Uwi had to finish her assignments with her mates so it’s quite disappointing that might the worst we can’t make it to the beach. Well que sera-sera see tomorrow where we gonna ended up.

Also i found some interesting blog about financial planner things. It’s great to read since the blog is really practical.Like this one :

Stock market is a system which transfers money from investors who are fearful and greedy to the investors who are balanced and rational

also his explanation about the Mental Accounting

take a look and u’ll not regret

Merci beaucoup!!


2 Responses to “The third writing”

  1. Kaho May 28, 2011 at 2:37 am #

    Your family is so sweet! I love the way you celebrated your sister’s birthday with your family! Very heartwarming.

  2. istifara May 28, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    thank you kaho 🙂 i’m one year older than my first sister and 6 years older than my second sister but now we’re just like a trio..our heights and weights are basically we had the same size on clothes. We exchange clothes and yap sometimes still had a cat fight ><

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