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The second writing

12 May

Good evening dear all

It’s still 12th May of 2011. It’s raining outside and a bit warm in my room. Actually i’m sitting in front of a big window, the height of the window’s almost as my height but not much to see since too dark outside. I’d like to share about a moist skin.

I feel so good today cause i had a day off. Last week is my exam week and this weekend is lecture week but honestly it last until Wednesday only so this Thursday and Friday is my free day. I spent today with a good time of sleep and food. There’s so much thing i miss about the household thing so it’s good to stay home and learn.

Back to a moist skin, it take a good deal of daily routine. To make your skin moist, you need water for drink and bath, body butter or lotion and some amounts of fruits and vegetables also some exercise. Look like simple when i type down but really we need to repeat them every single day cause it’ll not show up in an instance.

For today i scrub my body, use the scrub with some oils. Apply the scrub while your skin still dry and apply it through out your body and make sure that you choose your favorite aroma so you’ll enjoy the scrubbing. Aroma like apple and white rose is always my favorite, i love sweet aroma.  After that rinse your body and you can use a moisturizing soap or even you don’t want to that’s fine since after scrub your skin is already moister. Finally you can apply the body butter through out your body or lotion if you had an oily skin.Just remember use the same aroma like your scrub to even build your signature smell.

For my face, i also scrub it too, take an amount of it and scrub gently to your face and repeat it roughly to your blackhead”s area. Rinse your face and apply a masker. For today i wear the tomato mask as it contains vitamin C and E to nourish and freshen dull skin for fresh and radiant skin. I just really love the color since it’s not white at all so feels like a real skin color, like a peach. After the mask is dry you can peel it and clean your face. Feel good rite? finally you apply the moisturizing cream to your face. Use a skin care cosmetics since they’re developed and formulated the cream through chemical, physical, and biological test by their researchers team also care about the PH balanced and don’t find a moisturizing mixed with whitening or other just look for moisturizing cream.

Last, don’t chill your room too much with air conditioning, the colder the drier your skin in the morning. Cause the cold air has less moisture. Good luck! hope it useful for you

Merci beaucoup!!